How to Motivate Yourself

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Looking to get your career going, but don’t know where to start? There’s a ton of information out there. Some of it’s good, and some of it… not so much.  Since  I decide to change my career, I’ve hit just about every roadblock out there. Now that I know they’re there, there’s no reason that you should have to run into the same problems. First of all, make sure that you are qualify if not go back to school and get credentials you need.  I did just that, first of all I didn’t have a hs diploma so I found that are are hundreds  free schools in my city so  I could prepare for the test and 2 months.  And 2 months later I got my credentials. It was that easy.  But the idea of going back to school was terrifying at first. 

That’s right. I hate social intervation. I break out into cold sweats just thinking about all of those people, and all of those possible interactions.
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Enough is enough 11 things I’m tired of hearing about

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Stop the madness! I wanted to share some things that I am sick and tired of hearing about both online and offline.

1. I am really getting tired of all the Progressive and Geico commercials to the point that I want to bitch slap FLO that annoying spokesperson for Progressive. Because of your annoying commercials I am not only not going to switch insurance I want to pay more to keep annoying commercials like yours off the air !

2. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. Ms. Hilton spent more money on Halloween costumes than 90% of Americans make in one year and how the hell does Ms. Lohan get to get set all over the world ? I mean isn’t she broke by now? Are people so devoid of having life that they care about these air heads?

3. Who cares whether an iPhone loses a signal when it’s held? Only the people who were dumb enough to stand in line and wait for to give Apple their money.

4. Are people so lonely that they have to use Foursquare to “check-in” and tell people where they are so they can earn badges? Come-on have more of life than that ha?

5. Why people complain about dropout crisis. Not everybody needs to have a HS diploma, there are plenty of GED schools and online classes for those who want to go back to school. Nothing wrong with getting to the college with the GED diploma. How convenient

6. Put down the damn cell phone. You just pulled out of the driveway and already you’re on the phone? Then there are the people who go around the grocery store shopping while they talk to people on cell phones. Hint: try talking to people in person you would be surprised what you can learn and you even might get to understand that person better.

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Never Settles For A “Default Future”!

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As a person who controls future events you know that if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you already have!

When I heard this phrase, 1 year ago, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized that if I want anything to change in my life I have to make changes to my life. Those changes had everything to do with my thinking. The way I perceived just about everything in life and especially my attitude.

This concept was reinforced again to me at Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur event, which was full of powerful messages.

Never Settles For A Default Future!
The result is that I no longer feel like I have to accept a “default future” and that I am creating a future of my choice.


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What is Attribution and What You Need to Know About It

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There is an old saying in marketing that “half of my marketing budget works; I just don’t know which half!” This saying has its origins in the difficulties that marketers everywhere have in knowing what parts of their budget work (generate positive ROI) and what parts don’t! Marketers will often run multi-channel campaigns on radio, TV, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Leads and sales are generated but knowing which medium generated which sale has always been a challenge. Things are further complicated by the wide-scale proliferation of media and that many new customers will have been impacted by several touch points before actually deciding to become a customer.

Let’s take the company GED  that provides  GED Classes. Suppose that Roland is looking for a GED preparation classes in Iowa. He will likely Google “GED classes in Iowa” and perhaps click on a pay per click advertisement that GED Easy is running. He browses their site but doesn’t call them just yet as his phone rings and he needs to tend to some other issue. He forgets about this for a while until while browsing the net, he again sees and ad for GED Easy as  they are running a re-marketing campaign on Google’s display network. He sees the ad’ but doesn’t click on it but does think “o ya, I’ve got to call those guys.” That night, he is at home browsing Facebook and again sees an ad’ for online GED classes provided by GED Easy as they are also re-marketing on Facebook. He clicks on the ad, again browses the site for a bit and decides to call them first thing the following morning. In the morning he Googles “Educate the USA GED” and clicks on the top natural result and calls the company. So, the client started his journey by clicking on a Google AdWords advert. Remarketing ad’s on Google’s display network and on Facebook helped things along before the organic visit closed the sale.

So which channel gets the credit? In the below infographic, we look to help companies untangle the attribution web in order to get the data that they need to make informed decisions on their marketing mix.


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Tips for the Passive Income Newbie

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Passive income is such a misinterpreted phrase that it’s losing it’s meaning. Not for everyone, mind you, but for people who think they know what it means, but they really don’t. Some people think passive income is money that just sits there and continues to grow as you look at it in the bank.

Kinda, but no.

Still others think passive income is a “genie in a bottle”. You shine it up real nice, put it down and a genie will pop out and grant all your wildest dreams, from cars to mansions.



In my opinion, passive income means neither of these things. I believe passive income is indeed smart income. By smart, I mean, yes, it will work for you. But, it’s not gonna work for you on its own. There is a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes in order for the income to be passive. For instance, many of us want our blogs to be the vehicle to passive income. We churn and crank out blog posts everyday and place Adsense and other affiliate links on our blogs. Then we check our Alexa rankings and Google Analytics in an effort to try and find the best way we can start generating income.

Is it in vain? If you’re new to trying to generate income online where you don’t mind doing ALOT of work, here’s a few tips for you: Read More

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Mind Controlled Relaxation – A 2 Hour Nap In 15 Minutes


For the past couple months I have been studying and implementing various “rituals” in my daily routine in order to accomplish more work, improve the quality of my work, and to improve my physical and emotional states. However, I am seriously challenged because I actually never really get a true “daily routine”.

For two weeks every month I am out on a boat working with a schedule of 6 hours on watch and 6 hours off watch, continuously for two weeks. This means I have two mornings and two nights every 24 hours. So the most sleep I am going to get at any one time is around 4 hours. Now take into consideration we may be running offshore in high seas which means the boat is rolling around – imagine trying to sleep on a mechanical bull! And to top it off, the noise from the engines running or turning off an on can wake you any time.

The past few months, on the two weeks off the boat, I have been traveling for my personal business and basically living out of hotels and having to fly everywhere. Needless to say, there is no set routine doing that either.

I found that the rituals I started to implement when I had some consistency in my life were not going to work for me now, but I had to find a way to make time for “rejuvenation” practices. Yoga, meditation, some unique bodyweight exercises, dance, and feeding my mind with personal growth material are what I do to rejuvenate myself throughout the day. But this was becoming very challenging and I was starting to get stressed out… until, I went to a workshop hosted by Ed Foreman. If you have never heard of him make sure to look him up. Everything changed!

Ed introduced me to MCR – Mind Controlled Relaxation! And while I had already been practicing elements of his technique, he showed me how and why I could accomplish my rejuvenation goal in 15 minutes, anywhere, and feel like I just took a 2 hour nap! Read More

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Inspirational Quotes That Are True

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I have to share this with you because it is perhaps the best objection I have ever gotten! I only edited a couple things to hide identities but you NEED to see this because once you can let go and laugh at stuff like this, you will have reached a great place in your life… remember, Bill Gates was treated the same way early in his endeavors. By the way this is from a very successful person who has made his share of money in life – DO NOT let people steal your dreams!
Ask yourself one questions” If this is such a great deal, why don’t they just tell people what they are really doing?”

Why hide the truth that it is just a money swap, from the bottom to the top, with a little payout and when people drop out of the thing, they never get a refund?” If you can answer this, you’ll will see what it is.
YOU CAN make some money with it…if you want to get involved in something like this.



The website is pure HYPE, pure old time HYPE and BS. I have heard it all my life, and seen people get rich off of it, but I never wanted to make my money that way. I learned that lesson in a Spa. I had over 7,000 members and never had more than 50 people working out at any one time, it became top heavy as all of these things do and couldn’t continue and when I tried to defend it, with the law the way it was at the time, I nearly went to jail.!!! And while it is legal now, I didn’t want to do it.


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New Car Buying Tips For Saving Money

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Today I want to share with you how to buy a car and save money. When shopping for a new vehicle, dealers will not give you a consumer’s new car buying guide. Buying the latest model car can be an emotional experience, and it is easy to get carried away in the moment. Here are a few new car buying tips that can help you stay focused and get a good deal on your vehicle. It is important to spend as much time as you can when researching the vehicle that you plan to buy.

Thanks to the Internet, there are numerous reputable car buying guide websites. The more you study these sites, the more car buying tips you may encounter. For example, the model that you are interested in may have a lot of problems and you may wish to re-evaluate your options.

Before you go shopping for new cars, take the time to check out financing. You may be able to find better terms than the dealer is offering. If you do business with a local credit union or bank, check with them first. Make sure to have an idea of what make and model you are interested in, to simplify the process. Taking care of the financing before new car shopping provides a lot of benefits. You will know how much you can afford, and which models to concentrate on. You also can plan your monthly budget ahead of time.

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How To Realize Your Own Entrepreneur Success Habits

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Without a doubt the one element in that separates the truly successful from everyone else is their habits! Ask yourself a question… does everything I do in any given day create positive results? More importantly, if you break down all the activities in a day, what do those activities result in?

I want to introduce you to a system that will help you rate your daily activities and see if your habits are helping or hurting you! This is a formula that the select few, top earners have mastered and you need to learn.
Completely Useless Activities. These are daily activities that not only earn you $0, but will actually cost you money. Entrepreneurs in any industry, not just Internet and Network Marketing, absolutely can’t afford to spend any time here. These would involve: constant email activity, needlessly worrying about things that are simply out of your control, spending useless time in social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube…), and my favorite – ANY TV!

Low Dollar Per/Hour Activities. These are the real basic daily tasks that anyone could do for $10/hour. Things like: bookkeeping, minor technical tasks, running errands, filing paperwork, making spreadsheets or word docs… secretarial tasks. The key is to get your brain thinking only about the tasks that actually put money in your bank! Read More

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Three Simple Rules For Decision Making!

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I will be posting a lot of inspirational and practical content for you based on one of my coache’s teachings and the best part is that this comes from outside the “business” field. Most of what we do in business will carry over into how we live our lives and such is the case for Decision Making.

Coach Scott Sonnon who has created a new wave of fitness techniques and disciplines has some of the most profound mindset training I have ever experienced. What’s amazing is the connection to what we study in our Network/Internet Marketing business.

I give you: “Three Simple Rules For Decision Making”
1. The best thing to do is the right thing
2. The next best thing to do is something
3. And the worst thing to do is nothing

I told you it was simple! But ponder that for a minute… If you have a choice, are you choosing the “right” thing? When we get to a point of conscious competence, meaning we know what is right or wrong but still have to remind ourselves to choose the right thing, can we persuade ourselves to make the right decision? If this scenario leaves us in an internal, conflicted state will we retreat from the decision or just do something? Action! You may have heard the phrase “massive and immediate action”. Read More

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